In this 4K Webcam Review – Nexigo N970P, we review the Nexigo N970P demonstrating in OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS and Windows Built in Camera App and Nexigo’s own configurator. Is this the best 4k webcam for 2022?
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0:00 Intro to the Nexigo N970P Webcam
0:37 Checking out the box of the Nexigo N970P Web cam with Built-In Dual Microphone
2:15 Unboxing the Nexigo N970P 4K Webcam
5:17 Connecting the Nexigo 4K Webcam to the PC
5:44 Testing the 4K Web camera
6:14 Downloading and installing the Nexigo Webcam Setting software
6:48 Playing with the Nexigo 4K Webcam Settings Software
10:03 Recording at 1080P with the Nexigo N970P and testing the microphone
11:08 Recording at 4K with the Nexigo N970P and testing the microphone
13:11 How to take a picture with a webcam
13:40 Working with OBS Studio with the Nexigo N970P
14:10 Recording StreamLabs OBS with the Nexigo N970P 4K Webcam
15:14 Recording with the OSD on the Nexigo 4K Camera
18:11 Working with the Presets on the remote for the Nexigo N970P Webcam
20:19 Showing the IR of the remote on the Nexigo N970P
20:32 Showing the Indicator light
20:43 Using the Power button on the remote for the Nexigo N970P
21:14 Showing how to the focus works on the the Nexigo N970P
21:40 Showing the differences recording between 1080P, 1440P and 2160P
23:04 Showing how to clip the Nexigo N970P 4K Webcam onto a laptop or monitor
24:23 Discussing all the testing and my opinion of the Nexigo N970P Webcam

A great 4K webcam that is Zoom Certified and also has Dual Noise-Cancelling Mics and has a 4K UHD Sony CMOS Sensor.

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