All Power Supply Cable Types and Connections Explained and I show you how and where to connect and remove them. 24Pin ATX, SATA Power, Molex, 12VHPWR, CPU EPS, PCIE, we do it all.
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0:00 Where to Connect All the Power Supply Cables and Why They Matter
0:11 Modular power supplies compared to regular power supplies
1:00 What is the 24Pin ATX Cable and where does it go connected
1:50 What are the 8Pin EPS CPU and 4Pin EPS CPU power connections and where do they connect
5:23 What are the 4Pin Model Connections and where do they go connected?
6:15 What are the SATA Power connections and where do they go connected?
7:15 What is the 4Pin floppy power connection and where do they go connected?
8:03 Some more Molex connections
8:23 What are PCIE connections for and where do they go connected?
10:21 What is the 12VHPWR cable and where does it go connected?
11:32 Where to Connect All PC the Power Supply Cables – Where does this connection go?

This is a Beginners Guide to Power Supplies… Power supply cables can be confusing for beginners and pros alike. Let’s explain what each cable does and where each cable goes, their connectors too. Each PSU Cable explained. We go over How to Connect your Power Supply Cables in detail.

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