We go over How to Build a $700 AMD Gaming PC, a Step By Step PC Build Guide.

This is a video tutorial on building a budget-friendly AMD PC that allows for future upgrades. I demonstrate the process from start to finish, including unboxing components, assembling the PC, and managing cabling for a clean look. The key steps covered include:

  1. Motherboard and CPU Installation: Using the MSI B550-A Pro motherboard and Ryzen 5600 CPU, aligning the CPU with the motherboard socket, and securing it with the provided arm. The stock cooler’s thermal paste is utilized to stay within budget.
  2. RAM and SSD Installation: Installing 16GB of RAM in the designated slots and an M.2 SSD in the primary slot after removing the heatsink and thermal paste film.
  3. Motherboard Mounting and I/O Shield: Ensuring proper standoff alignment in the case and installing the I/O shield, making sure it clicks into place and doesn’t interfere with ports.
  4. Connecting Front Panel and Fans: Connecting USB, audio, power switch, and fan headers to their respective motherboard ports, and tidying up the cables.
  5. Graphics Card Installation: Inserting the graphics card into the PCIe slot and securing it with screws, ensuring it locks into place.
  6. Power Supply Installation: Using a semi-modular Corsair CX750M power supply, connecting essential cables (ATX 24-pin, EPS 8-pin, and PCIe), and organizing them neatly within the case.
  7. Final Cable Management: Tidying up all cables to ensure a clean and aesthetically pleasing build.

The build is designed to be future-proof with a 750W power supply and a spacious case for potential upgrades. The host emphasizes the advantages of the AM4 platform’s continued support from AMD and the marginal performance differences between newer technologies like DDR5 and PCIe 5.0. Future videos will cover BIOS flashing, Windows installation, driver setup, and gaming performance.

Overall, this build offers a cost-effective solution that balances current performance needs with the flexibility to upgrade in the future.

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