In How to Clone a Drive the Easy Way, best way to clone your drive Error Free. We go over how to convert your drive from MBR to GPU and Legacy to UEFI without losing data, copy your data.
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0:00 How to Clone a Drive the Easy Way – SABRENT USB C Docking Station DS-UNHC
1:10 Unboxing the SABRENT USB C Docking Station (DS-UNHC)
5:34 How to insert Drives into the SABRENT USB C (DS-UNHC) Docking Station
7:00 What do the Buttons on the side of the Sabrent DS-UNHC Docking Station do?
7:40 How long does it take to restart a computer with a mechanical drive
8:02 How do I test boot times using BootRacer
8:32 How to convert a drive from MBR to GPT without losing data using MBR2GPT
11:50 How to change your BIOS from Legacy to UEFI if your motherboard supports it
12:40 How to see if your are on MBR or GPT
14:25 How to clone from a mechanical drive to an SSD through USB, cloning and internal drive to an external drive
20:08 How to clone from an SATA SSD to an M.2 SSD Offline
23:57 How to recover the remaining space from a smaller drive to a larger drive clone
25:12 How to use the SABRENT USB C Docking Station as additional storage
28:10 What did we go over in How to Clone Your Drive the Quick and Easy Way – Error Free way to Clone

In this video I show you how to clone a smaller drive into a larger drive, then I show you how to clone a larger drive into a smaller drive. We use the trial version of Macrium Reflect for cloning purposes, the Reflect Free version. This can be used for how to clone a hard drive, clone HDD to SSD, how to clone HDD to SSD, clone hard drive, clone hard drive to SSD then clone SSD so how to clone hard drive and how to clone windows 10 to SSD. but it will work on Windows 11 11.

While the free version allows you to clone and schedule clones, the paid version allows you to backup files and folders or your entire PC, MBR or GPT disks as well. I show you also how to convert your drive if it’s in MBR to GPT.

The full version, allows you to do full backups, Incremental and differential images as well, live or scheduled. You are allowed to actually boot your backup up in a virtual machine at the same time. If you are running a tech shop, you can restore images to dissimilar hardware using Macrium ReDeploy in just about any version of windows. Macrium Reflect Clone SSD, does an amazing job and yes it will show you how to clone M.2 SSD to new M.2 SSD and will help you migrate HDD to SSD your hard disk to SSD.

During this process, you notice I clone the entire drive, not portions of it, because each portion is as important as the next. One of the partitions is the Windows Boot Manager, also known as the UEFI partition, the other is your C drive and all the Data on it and the finally the Recovery Partition. The recovery partition is where windows stores save points and portions to allow you to repair issues. This will copy your drive and will copy partitions.

I don’t use, nor do I recommend anyone to use bitlocker, but this will help you cloning a bit locker disk:

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