In this video, we tackle the common issues of low FPS because of heat and loud systems in PC gaming. The focus is on upgrading a $700 budget build with an AMD 5900X CPU and cooling it with an Arctic Freezer 36 ARGB fan, which promises better performance and quieter operation compared to the stock fan and liquid cooling.

Here’s a quick summary of the key points:

Performance Boost: Upgrading to an AMD 5900X CPU for enhanced gaming performance.

Cooling Solution: Installing the Arctic Freezer 36 ARGB fan, known for its superior cooling capabilities, often outperforming liquid cooling solutions.

Installation Guide: A detailed walkthrough of installing the heatsink on both AMD and Intel platforms without removing the motherboard.

Noise Level Test: Using a dB meter to test ambient noise levels, ensuring the system remains quiet.

Thermal Management: Demonstrating the thermal improvements with the new setup, including proper application of thermal paste.

Unboxing: Showcasing the Arctic Freezer 36 ARGB fan’s components, emphasizing its compatibility with various sockets and its six-year warranty.

The video serves as a comprehensive guide for those looking to enhance their PC’s performance and cooling efficiency, especially highlighting the heatsink’s role in achieving a silent yet powerful gaming experience.
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