We show you How to Stream and Record Gameplay from Console or PC, How to record gameplay on a PS5, Nintendo, PC then how to Stream Gameplay even record to your NAS, does it all.

The transcript describes a detailed review and demonstration of the EZRecorder 330 by AverMedia, highlighting its features, setup process, and functionality. The reviewer emphasizes the benefits of an external capture card over an internal one, particularly its versatility in capturing BIOS, console gameplay (PS5, Nintendo), VHS tapes, and streaming directly to various storage options like NAS and Micro SD cards.

The video covers the unboxing and setup of the EZRecorder 330, including connecting it to a PC, inserting a Micro SD card, plugging in an Ethernet cable, and updating the firmware. The device supports 1080p and 4K recording, and the reviewer explains its various ports and buttons, such as HDMI in/out, IR port, and power connections.

The reviewer demonstrates capturing gameplay from different consoles and a PC, showing how to record and play back content. They highlight the device’s ability to handle various inputs, like composite cables for older consoles and HDMI for newer ones. The device also allows disabling HDCP for recording from protected content sources like the PS5.

Additionally, the video illustrates recording to different storage media, such as NAS and external hard drives, and streaming live to platforms like YouTube. The reviewer appreciates the device’s ease of use, affordability, and comprehensive recording options, concluding that the EZRecorder 330 is a versatile and valuable tool for various recording needs.

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