I’ve reviewed a ton of gaming chairs, and I thought, this one being a budget chair was going to be garbage…. I was wrong, Is a Cheap Gaming Chair Worth It in 2023, Gaming Chair Reviews.

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0:00 Is a Cheap Gaming Chair Worth It? – GTPLAYER Gaming Chair Reviews

0:25 Unboxing the GTPLAYER Gaming Chair with Footrest

7:10 How to Assemble the GTPLAYER Gaming Chair

19:20 Initial Review of the GTPlayer Gaming Chair

25:05 Day 6 Review of the GTPLAYER Gaming Chair In this video, we go over unboxing of the GTPLAYER Gaming Chair. This budget gaming chair has a footrest, yes, a budget chair with a footrest. The GTPLAYER Gaming Seat really surprises me in so many ways and it lets me down in a few too. This is part of their Footrest Series LR002. You can consider this a Cyberpunk gaming chair because I did play Cyberpunk in it haha but this Gaming Go Plus Gaming Chair is Definity a bossin gaming chair.

Song: Palm Springs

Artist: Kia

Music by: CreatorMix.com

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You wont Believe this Best Budget Gaming Chair in 2023!



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