Brighten Your PC Setup with the Most Extreme RGB Gaming Mouse Pad with NEXUS Review. HYTE brings us the CNVS Intense Play Mat, It’s Water Resistant, has RGB, USB-C and much more.
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0:00 Check out my review of the Most Extreme RGB Intense Play Mat Mouse Pad with NEXUS!
0:51 Unboxing the HYTE CNVs Intense Play Mat
4:05 Going over the HYTE CNVS Mouse Mat
4:56 How to install the HYTE CNVS Mouse Mat
5:55 Connecting the HYTE CNVS Mouse Mat and running the Nexus Software
6:50 How to change the LED Lighting on the HYTE CNVS Mouse Mat
12:36 Problem with the HYTE CNVS Mouse Mat NEXUS Software
14:12 The HYTE CNVS is water resistant, how do I know?
15:21 What is Superlubricity and how does it help my mouse glide across the mouser mat
16:22 How is it Water Resistant?
17:19 What do I think about the HYTE CNVS Mouse Mat?

If you needed a mouse pad for gaming, something that would glide very well, this might be the one for you, it could be the best mouse pad for 2023 or maybe the best mouse mat for 2023.

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