In this video, we go over Pairing and Using the Pocket Auto Catch Meteor Step By Step – For Pokemon Go. We also meet up with some friends, this is better than the Go-tcha, oh yeah.
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0:00 Intro
0:35 Downloading the Pocket Auto Catch app
0:55 Pairing the Pocket Auto Catch Meteor to the phone
1:20 Changing the Meteor programming
2:02 Starting up Pokemon Go
2:22 Starting up Pairing of the Meteor in Pokemon Go
3:08 Starting up Catching and Spinning PokeStops
5:54 Starting to RAID with friends and the Meteor, funny stuff here
11:11 Showing how to Brook Pocket Auto Catch Meteor is waterproof
15:51 Going out onto the road
17:45 Unboxing the Brook Pocket Auto Catch Meteor
19:30 Legend of all the screens of the Brook Pocket Auto Catch Meteor
19:50 Showing the Charging Band
20:45 Showing the design of the Meteor and the crystals from Swarovski
21:09 Showing how to wear the Brook Meteor and adjust the band
22:30 Showing how to charge the Brook Meteor Auto Catch device

Here is the Magic Bullet Blender I use to hold the water:
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Here we go over the Meteor Pocket Auto Catch wrist band, like the Go-tcha by Datel for Pokemon Go. This Auto Catch wrist band helps you to catch pokemon automatically with your phones screen on or off and works better than the Gotcha. Brooks are made with higher quality components, yet have the same use and pair so much better.

I have so far used 3 generations of the Brook Devices, like I have used 3 Generations of the Datel Gotcha’s and the Pokemon Go Go-tcha Evolve works, but it does have some issues that I have never had with the Brook Meteor or any of the Brook Auto Catching wrist bands.

The Datel pokemon go go-tcha not connecting happens to many people, even not turning on, but I have never had any sort of issues with the Brook devices.

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