We go over, The best way to play Pokemon Go | Brook Watchic Auto Catch Band Review using the brand new Brook Watchic Pokemon Go auto catch device like the Go-tcha Evolve.
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0:00 Intro
0:38 Unboxing
1:17 Legend of what all the icons mean on the device
2:40 Showing how to disconnect the wrist band to charge the Watchic and how to charge it
4:17 How to pair the Brook Watchic Auto Catch Device with your phone
7:00 How to pair the Brook Watchic to Pokemon Go
8:20 At Rockwood Park showing the Watchic in action
8:50 Initial Pairing and catching pokemon and spinning stops
9:40 Driving and using the Brook Watchic in Pokemon Go at the Park
10:35 Using the Brook Watchic while in a Gym Battle
11:48 Using the Pedometer on the Brook Watchic
13:09 Using the Brook Watchic in Pokemon GO with the screen off.

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